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1. A mythical beast, often noted for being large, hairy and ferocious. 2. An unfavorable person 3. a person with unfavorable characteristics such as dreadful smell, disproportionate limbs, or sheer hideousness. 4. One who is slightly retarded. 5. refering to masculine genetalia 6. A person who acts not unlike a female canine. 7 an artists work composed completely of bodily fluids. 8 one who offers pleasurable company for a price. 9. A very tall athelete
1. I hear the mayor of cleveland was eaten by a yetti while sking in the alps.
2. That luke kid is such a yetti.
3. When joe gets his teeth straightened, maybe he wont be such a yetti.
4. Dave is taking special classes because hes a yetti.
5.My yetti itches.
6. My mom wont let me take the family van to the crash derby tonight. What a yetti.
7.Jackie felt in touch with her artistic abilities when the urge to urinate hit her. she composed a yetti.
8. The yetti is on sale this weekend. hurray for quarters.
9. Joe Sakic leveled that yetti in the game last night.
#yeti #art #genetals #yetti #kim jong il #raindeer
by Axel Steamer October 23, 2006
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