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3 definitions by Axel Scar

1. A bowel movement so large or violent as to be terminal.

2. A bowel movement of such density or ferocity that it feels to the taker as if he/she were passing a tombstone.
Dude, after I ate all of that Easy mac last night, I had to take a graveyard smash.
by Axel Scar November 08, 2009
66 8
A sexual act involving the use of a clean, white Ralph Lauren pillowcase. The user defecates into the pillowcase, saving the contents for up to one week. Then, in mid coitus, obtains the feces-filled pillowcase and beats their partner about the head and shoulders until they are unconscious.
Last night I gave Dawn the Mooker Spooker...but then I had to sleep downstairs because I couldn't stand the smell.
by Axel Scar June 15, 2009
33 5
1. A fight with a knife.

2. A fight for your life.
"Yo, I heard Little Cletus is dead."

"Yeah man, he got himself in a knife fight."

"Awww, shit."
by Axel Scar December 14, 2009
51 32