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one who wins elections unfairly, doesn't allow people in LOVE to get married, steals from the poor and gives to the rich, wages war because of imaginary weapons, ignores memos about terrorist attacks, makes false promises, oh yeah and

bush lied, thousands died

if bush wants to see a fricking weapon of mass destruction, he should just look in the FRICKING MIRROR!

by awesomeness March 08, 2005
A Mindee is a beautiful person with amazing artistic abilities. She is an awesome mom that everyone looks up to. If you are lucky you will have a Mindee in your life.
Mindee is beautiful!
by AwesomeNess March 11, 2012
A town where awesome people breed, where christmaka spirit flows like waterfalls, and two cool bitches are jumping in the lake....also called ho-town
My sweet little bitches are from ho-town!
by awesomeness October 14, 2004

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