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1. Probably the best book series ever made. Book series made by Brian Jacques
2. A sort of art where you take a picture of a person behind a red brick wall, red wall, or red drape
1. That book series redwall is awesome
2. I took a picture in the category of redwall
by Awesomedude32 February 16, 2009
1. Whenever u meet Chuck Norris you experience a weird sensation, it is called death
2. When you fart silently, it is the nastiest fart u could take
3. When u fall in a grave
1. Hey i felt the death man
2. Eww Death fart
3. I fell to my death
by Awesomedude32 February 16, 2009
When u take a dump, crap, turd.... u know. And it starts to move and u say, "What the Hell?" and then it attacks u
Alex: "Damn man, I found a walkingturd in my toilet yesterday"
Jim: "Wow"
by Awesomedude32 February 16, 2009

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