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A caucasian man who has gone off the deep end, snapped his twig, brained his damage, fell down the crazy tree and hit every branch on the way down, is a few grapes short of abunch, hes crackers, he's nuts it tell you!
George Bush is a Crazy White Man going after anything homosexual, foreign, or unlike himself in any way shape or form with a powersaw and jack knife! RUN!
by Awesomeaida February 21, 2005
An all purpose word that can mean anything and can be used in anyway imaginable
Mean person: "I HATE YOU!"
You: "Well you're a fladnag!"

Naggin Mother: "Did you do the dishes?"
You: "Fladnag."

You're such a fladnag!

Would you quit fladnagging?!?!
by Awesomeaida February 21, 2005
Contrary to popular beleif it does not mean "Holy War" that is right, those commercials lied to you. It's an Arabic word that means to struggle for a greater good.
Fasting is an example of Hajj
by Awesomeaida February 21, 2005

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