11 definitions by Awele

A language created by the famous african american hip hop artist, Snoop Dogg.
Also means "is" in the izzle language
Snoop dogg and all his izzle language....
by Awele July 12, 2005
African Americans who claim to be the real jews
Im a african american jew
by Awele July 12, 2005
A term used by both african americans a carcausains (mostly by all races) to identify a white male
It is not meant to insult or put down a caucasian male. Only used to identify them racically in a conversation with people of different nationality
Girl:Oh I meant this real cute white boy yesterday
Friend: Oh fo' real
by Awele July 12, 2005
also ironically means the best
He is the worst rapper around
by Awele July 12, 2005

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