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A Canadian pop singer who is severly misguided. Believed she is a "punk rocker" untill a massive backlash. Changed her immage because of it. Constantly contradicts herself. Married to lead singer of Sum41. Can not sing to save her life. Can not play an instrument to save her life. Adored by under 13year olds who that don't know real music.They also tend to like Simple Plan, Good Charlotte and most other pop rock bands.
Avril fan1: OMG!!!!!!! Lyk, did u c Avril Lavigne on MTV yesterday!!!???? She wuz, lyk, sooooooooooooooo punk rawk!!!!

Avril fan2: No!!!! I totally missed it!!! I bet she beat Britnay on the countdown bye, lyke a gazillion votes!!!!!!!

Avril hater: Grow up. Talk to me when you've learned that your idol isn't what she seems and you've discovered Senses Fail and Thursday.
by Avril despiser November 25, 2006

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