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When a woman's breasts are busting out of her shirt, the cleavage is the size of a Pontiac Bonneville.
AJ: OMG! Did you see Britney's cleavage on tv?

Devin: Ya man, she had some Bonneville Cleavage goin'on.
by Avreage Joe December 06, 2008
When one exhibits status of a grown man.
AJ: Yo man, did you see Nathan's chest hair.

Devin: Ya nigga, he had grown man status.
by Avreage Joe December 06, 2008
When a womans breasts are unlike any others. Especially when it comes to, size and perkiness.
Devin: Yo, did you see Jessica Alba's boobs yesterday?

Aj: Ya, she's got some bodacious yum yums.
by Avreage Joe December 06, 2008
To have sexual intercourse with one who has already experienced sex but it's the first time you are having intercourse with the indvidual.
Devin: Yo,did you Redivirginate your girlfriend yet?

AJ: No,man not yet, the condom broke before we got it on.
by Avreage Joe December 21, 2008

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