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An American buffalo. Comes from the Sioux Indian language. Common usage native Americans.
Whoa! Look at the tatanka outside!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
Phrase for Native Americans used by the people themselves. Today, the "guy" part is null, and they are just "Indin."
Eeeey man, I ain't Mexican! I'm an Indin guy!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
Woke up with an erection, as in the ZZ Top song "Woke Up With Wood."
I had a great dream last night. Woke up with wood too!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
Crap. It is the word used by the Comanche Indians for such, and is well known and used among southwestern Oklahomans.
It smells like kwitap out there!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
"bathing" yourself in cologne, cause you totally stink and haven't actually showered. used by comanche indians cause they like hating on kiowas.
Dude, who took a Kiowa bath with my musk?
by Avram Fawcett April 27, 2008
Racist term for American Indians, primarily tribes who wore the feathered headresses (names for other varieties of Indians also exist).
White Guy: Chief Jospeph was a crybaby featherhead!

Indian: Shut up you paint huffin' cracker!
by Avram Fawcett June 02, 2006
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