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(Why do I know I am going to get so many thumbs down for this?) Blamed by many irresponsible people who just like to blame him because others are doing this. Many problems in America like th economy are being blamed on him because people don't have the foggiest idea how the economy is run and expect that somehow the president can use leadership to turn the economy around. Constantly blamed by a generation who watch to much left wing propaganda. This generation is lazy and and blames other people for it's problems. I am completely ashamed to belong to this generation.
The surge in Iraq has produced good results and yet the media has stifled all good word coming from Iraq. Many Iraqis are glad we are here. George W. Bush is not killing innocent people for oil. That is a blank, stupid, dimwitted, blatant, outright lie.
by Avowed Conservative February 05, 2008
The idea that the world was created by intelligent design.
All devout Christians believe that Creationism is true
by Avowed Conservative February 02, 2008

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