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A state with very down to earth people. Large cities like San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas can be like large cities anywhere. Any thought that we wear cowboy hats, talk with an accent, and are racist is not true.

Yes, there is some state pride, but what is wrong with state pride?
The only state with Bill Milers Bar-B-Q restaurants and Big Red (a type of red soda drink). Large mexican, black, german, and asian communties. Also a very intereting history which probably leads to so much state pride.

Not everyone support Bush or republicans, just to let a few people know.

It's a great place to live no matter what life style you want. In fact, in very rural areas nobody cares how you live as long as you don't bother them with how they live.
non-texan: should you really be popping fire works/being gay/nude/sleeping/drinking/littering/whatever?
Texas native: Why are you on my property, again?
by Avocado Eater August 03, 2008

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