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The act of fully inserting one's cranium into a women's vagina and ideally crawling into her womb. It is the reverse of the birthing process, specifically crowning. It is advisable to cover one's head in a balloon of some sort in order to maximize pleasure.
Guy: Dude, I want to finger that chick.
Experienced Friend: No man, you gotta try reverse crowning.
#fisting #kraken #pakistani style #crawl job #peeking
by AverageJoe93 September 25, 2011
Any player, coach, or other member of the Oakland Raiders or any of their fans. Raiders fans look as if they all just escaped from prison, wearing all black with stupid skulls and spikes, and displaying their hideous gang tattoos. The ridiculous attire of the fans is an attempt to compensate for their team's lack of talent; however, the fans simply look like a bunch of homosexuals more than anything. They can typically be be found supporting their perennially last place team on Sunday afternoons in the self-proclaimed "black hole," a filthy, crime-ridden football stadium infested with the scum of the bay area. Additionally, the team features defensive end Richard Seymour, who has been labeled a "dirty, cheap, little pompous ass” by a fellow NFL player. Their owner, Al Davis, looks something like Freddy Kruger and a zombie, and is infamous for wasting the Raiders' often high draft picks on terrible players. His most recent drafting failures include Jamarcus "the hut" Russell and Darrius "no hands" Heyward-Bey.
Degenerate: The Raiders are gonna be sick this year! To the black hole!
Normal Person: No man, the Raiders suck. Get a job.
#twat #fag #dumbass #scum #gayders
by averagejoe93 September 24, 2011
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