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a gal with some manly characteristic, for example a lot of arm hair or a very strong jaw, generally undoable
Bill: Dude, are you really takin' that gal hal to formal?
Bob: No way man, she reminds me of Chewbacca
by Average Joe February 27, 2005
see ya
Ceeb ja later man
by Average Joe November 04, 2003
A real dull, under annoying person
"Bob doesnt want to party, he's being a real shitstick today!"
by average Joe December 24, 2002
It means "What's up". They say it in California cause Steinbeck was born in California.
Hey there. What's the Steinbeck?
by Average Joe December 05, 2003
an underwater fart, generally in a bathtub setting where the air bounces off of the bottom of the tub then quickly surfaces, making a "gorp" sound
*gorp sound*
Man shaving to his wife bathing: Honey, did you just gorp?
Wife to Husband:
*blushes* Yes, dear, do you still love me?
by Average Joe February 27, 2005
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