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Brute force that someone uses to lift or move a person or thing when all else fails. Putting all of your speed and power onto something until getting the desired results. Usually ending in some kind of painful injury.
My chevy ran out of gas so I used my bear strength to push it halfway to a gas station, but i had to call my bros to do push it the rest of the way cuz I pulled something in my back.
by Average Bobby June 30, 2009
Awe-inspiringly clueless gall or chutzpah. An action or utterance that appears to come from an outrageous ego coupled with a breathtaking sense of entitlement combined with complete lack of awareness.

People can show chutzpah consciously. People can "have the nerve" to do something while knowing they're taking a chance. But to show *real* blagojevich, someone almost has to have the blindly arrogant self-confidence that comes from really believing they're right, and having no clue that they might be mistaken.
I can't believe you did that, you remind me of that douche, G-hawk.
by Average Bobby June 11, 2009
Chevy truck that is lifted, custom exhaust, over 20" rims, and brightly colored.
I'm ridin' 'round the city in my new tonka toy.
by Average Bobby June 15, 2009

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