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Describes the punch to the head received by David Koschman from R.J. Vanecko, the nephew of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (and his brother, U.S. Chief of Staff to President Obama, William Daley). Koschman, who had just turned 21, was out drinking late at night on Chicago's Rush Street with friends when he by chance confronted Daley's nephew, RJ Vanecko. Words exchanged, and RJ Vanecko threw one punch to David Koschman's head, knocking him to the pavement, essentially killing him. Because of RJ Vanecko's connections to the Daley administration, and to the hospital where Koschman was taken, all records of the incident were lost. Police can't find the files and RJ Vanecko is now a successful businessman in California, never tried in a court of law. Even though witnesses and police reported that he threw the fatal punch. The police chief quit, and wont talk about the case. The Daleys refuse to talk about it. This kind of fatal punch is backed up by police and powerful politicians! If you're related, you can get away with murder!
RJ didn't like him at all, so he threw a Falcon Punch, and we all ran.

He's so annoying, I felt like throwing a falcon punch to rid the world of him.

The administration threw a falcon punch to the entire proposal, essentially preventing it from ever surfacing again.
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by Avenger of Seven Folds May 01, 2011
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