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Also spelled as/pronounced as (Shakira).
Meaning: Thankful

Found: As a comic book character in 'War Lords'.
Female who transforms into a black cat.

A famous female vocalist also houses this name.
"Shekyra, well that is a beautiful name."
by AvengefulRover February 03, 2010
This 'slang' is often used toward:

-Someone housing multiple dissorders that it is remarkable the person can even function, never mind attempting anything close to normality.

-Someone who has thin family ties; probable a father figure is not/was not retainable.

-Someone who self harms for any escuse that classifies as 'invalid' and\or 'infadel'.

-Someone who does not obtain consistancy or morals or any shape or form.

-Someone with no 'grey areas'.

-Someone selfish to the extreme level; handing out selflesness as a 'reward' for aposing selflesness.

-Someone probable to being a follower of Jesus or attempting to meet religious 'requirements'.

-Someone with a high probability of being/formaly being sexualy harassed or creating fictional traumatic insidences.

-Someone housing extreme vanity; destructive.

*If you know a person who relates to majority Defined, then it is now exclusive; you know a 'Cutler'.*
"That's so Cutler."
"We should just start calling you Cutler."
"God, I can't stand how Cutler you are being."
"Cutler, hmmf."
"I don't asociate with Cutlers."ect.
by AvengefulRover February 03, 2010

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