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Fag means gay. Justin Bieber is a perfect definition of fag. You can also call a gay: COCKBOY.
Stop doing that you fag.
Justin Bieber.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 23, 2011
The word ssd stands for solid state drive. Its much faster than a hard drive and in some cases it has less capacity. Someone would usually use it to store programs and windows files in order to have a faster windows start up (boot). This type of drive does not spin its a kind of flash memory that has a chip.
My computer speed is low I need to get a ssd as a primary drive.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 22, 2011
A fag who thinks he can sing.(he is so gay that he sucks all cocks on earth, and he would event suck his own if there was a possibility he had one) {all thumps up will be those who know about music and all thumps down will be his fans}
I cant find an example gayer than Justin Bieber.
by Avenged sevenfold 10 November 23, 2011
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