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When you slap someone so hard its red and shaped like a turkey, and i hurts like a mofo!
Guy 1. Hey! Why'd you give me a red turkey! It really hurts!
Guy 2. Eh, i was bored.
Guy 1. douche!
by Ave boss December 08, 2013
A big group of religious people.
Ex. Utah is one big cult
by Ave boss February 20, 2014
A network on tv that makes all of the slutty women.
Guy 1. Man have you seen that girl at school today
Guy 2. Yeah she is probably from the disney channel
Guy 1. Yeah bro
by Ave boss December 07, 2013
A time worse for men than for woman
When i came home from work my wife had the biggest period
by Ave boss June 02, 2013
A huge place full of mormons
Man 1: "dude, utah is one huge cult"

Man 2: "pretty much"
by Ave boss February 20, 2014

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