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2 definitions by Ave Satanas676

(Taken from Mean Girls) A profane book used to describe people that you have utmost distaste for. Contains a picture, name, and reasons for their entry.
Girl 1: Omg, did you see Veronica?
Girl 2: Like yeah! What a Bitch!
Girl 1: She's going in the Burn Book!
by Ave Satanas676 December 22, 2008
Slang- Contraction for Fuck, Fuck Up, or Shut the Fuck Up.

1. Contraction used to avoid misconduct, if in the time and place the latter words would be found inappropriate.

2. Often used as a compound duplicate word.
1. G-pa: Well, how 'bout youse helps me clean the barn?
G-son: Kup that!
G-pa: Okay, I'll go ask your brother then. . .

2. Student 1: Hey. . .*babbles about life*
Student 2: Dude! Kup-kup!
Student 1: Oh . . .okay, sorry!
by Ave Satanas676 December 22, 2008