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Fat old men typically from California who contribute nothing to society. They use an extensive made-up vocabulary (similar to auctioneers) to make it sound like what they are saying is actually important.

Paris Hilton has been a pseudo-actress, pseudo-singer, and pseudo-model.

But if she really put her mind to it, she could become a full-fledged Wine Connoisseur no problem.
by Avatar of Carlin March 08, 2009
Based on the Freudian Slip, this occurs when one is typing, and unknowingly inserts a word from one's subconscious mind.
I was writing an email question to my teacher when I was shocked to see that I ended the message with a Freudian type: "Thank you for your HOT MILF!"

Luckily she really is a HOT MILF, and a pretty freaky one too, so we just laughed about it over some champagne :)
by Avatar of Carlin March 08, 2009

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