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1 definition by Avara

1. A young woman who has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and is acting like a bitch. A negative word when used by others (mostly men).

2. A term those women with BPD can use about themselves to show others that they are in controll and successful despite their disorder. A positive and proud word when used by these women.

3. A substitute for "bitch" when she has BPD.

4. When a bitch without BPD acts crazy.
1. Last night she was a such BHD again.

2. Shut up! I might be BHD, but I'm proud of it.

3. I know you have BPD, but you are still a real BHD.

4. What the hell?! Are you a BHD now?
by Avara March 22, 2005
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