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A very horrible book written by Stephenie Meyer which brainwahses tweens and stay at home moms into thinking that the perfect man is a controlling liar,and an old cradle robbing vampire. Oh also Bella Swan is a key device that shows all females that they can't do shit for themselves. The man is always right and the woman is weak sexual play toy that must be protected like property.I just want to get out my pots and pans so I can start cleaning when I read this book. Or I might just go to sleep and wait for a vampire to stalk me.

Can i hear a Cullen knows best over here????

"Before you, Bella, my life was like an R rated movie. Very dark, but there were always women- some fat and some skinny but they were all to strong And then you shot across lap like pornstar. Suddently I was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was passion. When you were gone, when you disobeyed me, everything went black. I became angry, but my eyes were blinded by the smell of your blood. I couldn't see the whores anymore. And there was no more reason for me let you do anything for yourself.'"

a quote from twilight that has been edited so you don't get brainwashed
by Avangelis July 13, 2008
in terms of harry potter it's a magical sport played on brooms but in terms of harry potter insults this is one game that you don't wanna be apart of.

meaning= starting shit, beef, problems,instigating
-ginny weasley "Fudge you bezoar!!Don't be starting any qudditch with me because i'll kick your wizard ass with my broomstick

- cho chang " Ginny I wasn't trying to start any quddicth please just don't hurt me. Harry is all yours. Hell take Cedric as well

- a malfoy " Oh hells naw, Famous Potter gotta start some quddicth with me when he knows my father will get his ass kicked out of Hogwarts for good.
by Avangelis July 11, 2008

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