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Dating a woman who resembels a man with a bull-cut who says she'll take a shower with you and give you a bj if you don't go play poker with the guys.
When you get done doing a briethbarth, pass me the bean dip will you?
by Autty McHottie November 22, 2004
The act of getting a blow-job without actually getting a blow-job. Kissing and groping is involved but no penetration.
Person A: So has she given you a blow-job yet?

Person B: Yes... well kinda.

Person A: What do you mean...kinda?

Person B: Well she kissed it.

Person A: Tight I've always wanted a breitbarth! Now could you pass the bean dip please?

*insert the bwa bwa bwaAaAaA*
by Autty Mchottie April 25, 2005
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