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A car that covers the 1/4 mile between 10.00 and 10.99 seconds
I only got to make one pass at the track last night in my Corvette, turns out it is a 10 second car after the new cylinder heads and cam. NHRA requires a roll bar for any car that fast
by Autohaulic March 20, 2008
Phrase used to verbalize just how much you don't want to do something
I'd rather sandpaper a bobcat's ass in a phone booth filled with kerosene than to have to your mom out again!
by Autohaulic July 16, 2008
*A small lap dog usually owned by a woman. You know the type of dog that couldn't possibly be useful for anything else.
*A dog presumed to be skilled in the art of cunnilingus, but the term is really just used in jest.

(This term was coined by my great grandfather)
Did you see Maria's friend got herself one of those little snapper licker dogs? Her new full time job will be cleaning up tootsie rolls left all over the house.
by Autohaulic January 18, 2008
To make a sudden (usually illegal) U turn.
Man, when I saw that cheerleader car wash, I had to bust a shitty to go back to it even though my truck wasn't that dirty.
by Autohaulic February 21, 2008

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