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Bit of hair that sticks out the other way from a woota. A woota what go the udder way.

The sound they would make sticking out: ta-nang, ta-nang, ta-nang
"Brah, dat hair dresser cut off all your wootas, but now you got this big ta-nang sticking out da udder side."
by AuthorGuy May 25, 2005
cowlicks or curls, bits of hair that stick out before a hair cut or before they are combed down. The sound they would make sticking out, "your hair going woota, woota, woota, brah"

The opposite of a ta-nang.
Hairdresser: "Let me use the clippers to get your wootas off, then I'll use the scissors on the top."
by AuthorGuy May 25, 2005

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