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Any supporter of Operation Iraqi Freedumb.
Fuck wartards. Those wartards are shitting in their own nest, but they're shitting in ours too.
by author December 18, 2006
Yet another nickname for George W. Bush (because of his resemblance to those stuttering retarded kids on those telethons for the disabled).
"Please help, c-c-call now"
Telethon Boy is on TV again; I really hope they find a cure for whatever he has.
by Author June 14, 2006
The blue states (the west coast and northeast/upper midwest), which are anything but United with the red states of Jesuslandia.
The Bluenited States are not United with the Red States.
by Author June 29, 2006
Devil's water - alcohol
while under the influence of the devil's water...
by author December 08, 2006
Pretentious, pompous, nonsensical and or empty language (especially while pandering to an audience).
I've had enough of your claptrap.
by author September 06, 2006
A present that you ostensibly buy for someone else, but really bought for yourself. Expression comes from that Simpsons episode in which Homer buys Marge a bowling ball he wants.
You're buying Mom a drill for Christmas? Dude that's such a bowling ball for marge, she'll totally know it.
by author October 09, 2006
The homosexual pedophiles’ party. Dedicated to sheltering homosexual pedophiles.
RepublicanParty: Do I make you horny?
Underage_boy23: A little.
Republican Party: Cool.
by author October 05, 2006

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