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Buffalonian... The word to describe people from Buffalo, NY. All people from Buffalo refer to themselves as Buffalonians, whether or not Buffaloite is the correct definition. If you're not from Buffalo, didn't grow up in Buffalo or have no connection to Buffalo, then you probably don't know that the only correct term is Buffalonian.
"Authentic Buffalonians" are people who are proud of who they are: Loyal, generous, compassionate, and resourceful people linked by a common connection to each other.

It isn't necessary to be born in Buffalo to be considered an "Authentic Buffalonian". If you grew up in Buffalo, or adopted Buffalo as your home town and are loyal, generous, compassionate, resourceful and love beautiful Buffalo, NY then you are an "Authentic Buffalonian"... Go Buffalo !
Authentic Buffalonians... Tim Russert, Ani DiFranco, Robert Bianco, Red Jacket, Robert LaSalle, Jim Kelly, etc...
by Authentic_Buffalonian February 23, 2012

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