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The randomly abject abuse of Facebook by making nonsensical and absolutely ridiculous entries for the pathetic and wanton craving for attention on Facebook; or mistaking Facebook for Twitter; or the utter rubbish occasionally posted on Facebook that genuinely serves no purpose or value.
Cliff: Mark did you read the utter nonsense Will posted on his Facebook page?

Mark: What did he write?

Cliff: He says and I quote: "I am not satisfied with myself- or with things, as they are- but am happy in the thought that I have within, the power to change myself- and things- as I like"

Mark: What a Face-Buse!!
by Autch-Money December 05, 2009
Not giving the slightest care about something, an absolute and resolute mode of lack of interest about a subject or event; lack of interest of the first degree in cases where it cannot be over emphasized.
Jim: Mary is having a house party and we are all invited.

Mark: I dont give a blank fuck about her party - two blank fucks even!
by Autch-Money January 05, 2010
Equivalent resentment a homosexual feels just as a straight man feels when turned down from a prospective sexual encounter.
James: Hey John darling...what happened with that cute dude I introduced you to at the party?

John: Forget him! He was an absolute waste of time!

James: Sorry darling...didnt know he was an ass tease
by Autch-money April 16, 2010

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