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A very annoying person that you want to hit in the face and say "shut the f*ck up"
Daniel-Hey guys I f*cked your moms
Austin-Shut the f*ck up NiggaNug!
by Austin_X September 05, 2007
"Pussy's pussy"

Leo's rule means something similar to, "That girl is not that attractive, but sex is sex."
"Yo I heard Leo got that ugly girl pregnant"
"Damn dude he doesn't even care that she's a dog. He lives by Leo's rule"
by Austin_x September 28, 2011
Someone who needs to loose weight and plays xbox too much eventually turning into a loser.
Austin:Tony get off the xbox!
Tony:No! I'm playing gays of war!
Austin:But its dinne..
Tony:I'm already here
Austin:you tonyisfat
by austin_x September 19, 2007
The booty of a female that's hella nice.

A: Large in size
B: Firm and toned
C: Fine quality i.e. nice and "donk" like

The phrase is believed to have originated from the word blap

A- Damn that girl in front of us got a blapper booty!
B- Indeed, that female's butt is of superior quality.
C- If I may interject, I would have to say that you could bounce a quarter off the ass
by Austin_x July 26, 2011

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