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4 definitions by Austin42g

A term for waking up and smoking marijuana. Used so you feel healthy when your blazing up
Mike: "Hey John want to have an organic breakfast?"
John: "Hell no I am above the influence because my girlfriend won't let me!"
by Austin42g August 15, 2010
8 2
When you take a number 2 on someone's chest and you then cut your pubes off on it to make the residue resemble a new species of arachnid.
"Wow that was the biggest hairy spider I have seen ever"
by Austin42g March 29, 2010
8 7
For females or weird males who get up in the morning and use large amounts of make up
I was looking super tore up so I wake and caked this morning
by Austin42g August 15, 2010
5 5
when you are frustrated with something and you cry out
"Heavens to betsy" i got ready for nothing

Theyre taking way to long for some fries..."Heavens to betsy"
by austin42g April 14, 2009
11 16