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3 definitions by Austin Forty Duece

DSU: Damn! she ugly.
A deformed kid passed by Rosy Odonnel and shouted DSU

the only thing i can say when i see her fat fuckin face is DSU.
by Austin Forty Duece February 29, 2008
Noun: Unlike hillbilly or country red neck poeple can be found anywhere from double wides to tin roofs.

Adjective: lacking of sophistication or intelligence.

Noun 2: A person that terrifies animals such as sheep, and can be found easily in the following places: Walmart, bass pro shops, ducks unlimited, gander mountain, and trailer parks across the U.S.
You know your a red neck when the most your first lover said to you is "baaaa"
by Austin Forty Duece February 29, 2008
FAB: short for fat ass bitch, can be used towards teenage girls without them knowing they are being insultin. Latin root: Fabicanisus, the goddess of fried foods
She is such FAB, she shut down the all you can eat buffet within a few minutes.
by Austin Forty Duece February 29, 2008