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10 definitions by Austen the Puerto rican

To ejaculate, squirting semen and sperm all over yourself, a partner, or an inatimate object.
Stop honey, im about to boner sneeze all over!
by Austen the Puerto Rican September 15, 2006
When a woman has a vagina with teeth that eats penises whole. When the woman's toothed vagina does not eat any penises for awhile it then starts to suck nutrients from her ass slowly shrinking the ass.
That she-devil's toothed vagina bit my dick off!
by Austen the Puerto Rican July 18, 2006
When someone grabs a fart then releases into someone's face, their hand is usually in the form of a teacup.
He just took a sip of my tea cup.
by Austen the Puerto rican March 30, 2006