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when a male & female couple; -
1. Call the police on you and/or your friends over small trival things and proceed to put on show for police when they arrive leading them to believe you are a real bad guy and they are a victim or some sort. After the police leave they will almost instantly become themselves again, laughing and haveing a good time.


2. Call the police over a legit matter, but after telling you they know you had NOTHING to do with the matter proceed to give your details to the police anyway.

Note: When a Micky-Nikki is pulled on you it is common for one partner of the couple to hide behind the other, for example if the male is a "Bitch" he will say it was the girlfriend, If the male has any balls he will usally take the blame to protect his girlfriend.

SOMEONE WHO PULLS A MICKY-NIKKI IS DIFFERENT TO BEING A DOG, RAT, NARC OR LAGGER ETC. While they are all these things, they will act happy and friendly with you right up until the police arrive, afterwards will say sorry and act like they feel real bad then do it all again a few days later and worst of all look at you like "what... what have i done" Exercise Extreme Caution If You Identify A
"All i did was buy some chickens and they pulled a Micky-Nikki on me."

"I got Micky-Nikkied again the other night"
by Aussiewords August 02, 2007

To "Dob" someone in the police or give police information about someone that could lead to them being investergated or charged.

AKA: To Dog someone, Rat out someone, narc on someone etc
" Michael Lagged on me last light"
by Aussiewords August 02, 2007
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