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The name Australians give to people from Southern Europe e.g. Italy, Greece, Serbia.

Originally the word "wog" was used as an insult but has turned into a word of classification.

Wogs are easily picked out from a distance, males will wear tight white singles with gold bling and cruse around in yellow cars with loud house music playing. Females will usually have 10 layers of foundation on their faces with their hair either belched blond or black and high on their heads, sometimes up to 6 inches above their scalp.

Wogs often stick together and always get totally pissed off their faces on Australia Day. They usually travel in packs of about a dozen.

Wogs often dwell in "wog mansions," these are very large houses, made completely out of bricks and the design will be just a block, very square and very symmetrical. These wog mansions will take up the entire block of land it sits on and will often have a pool in the back yard.
"Yo ma bro, waz happenin?" said the wog

"Ay man, we iz just gonna cruse rond town in ma new yellow car, iz gotta fooli sique sound system" replied the other wog
by Aussie Ranga March 30, 2009
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