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Idiot, dork; stupid woman (Australian Slang)
You're such a moo
by aussie March 02, 2003
A blowfly. Named as such for their tendancies to hang around a dunny.

Another colourful Australian slang word.
Swat the dunny budgies!
by aussie April 04, 2004
leet and best healer there is and pwnz
pwnz ownz leet cool osv etc
by aussie April 22, 2003
A small country 2200km from Australia, it is made up of two relitvaly large islands that are split by a narrow channel. The inhabitants of this island seem to have a deep seated hatred for Australians (C'mon Kiwis, we all ANZAC's here, craka please.), possibly because Australia seems to have claimed Russel crowe as their own.
I don't think all New zealanders shag sheep or say Fush and chups, but watch me quickly pull out these things when we verse em' at footy.
by Aussie April 09, 2005
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