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When one gets absolutely piss ass drunk and becomes completely incoherent.
Jamal: "Sup you cracker-ass fool."

Fredrick Wellington: "Good day to you sir."

Jamal: "I went to this banging party last night with all my home digities."

Fredrick Wellington: "Is that right my brown friend?"

Jamal: "I must have done got hobo drunk cuz I snapped off a log in ma draws. Ya herd you white mufuga."

Fredrick Wellington: "Intresting"...(sitting in a chair, legs crossed, puffing on a pipe while ready a fine leather-bound book).A long awkward pause occurs making both parties feel uncomfortable.

Jamal: "Touch me...."(Yet another awkward pause insues, not quite as long as the previous one).

Jamal: "...before I cut you!"
by Aunt Jeff December 05, 2007
A 30-pack of any type of beer
I was walking to the store to get beer and a bum stopped me outside to ask for change. Instead of giving him change, I slapped upside his stank-ass head and proceeded to go purchase my thirty bird for later that evening.
by Aunt Jeff April 08, 2008

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