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This is when herpes can be contracted simply by having skanky friends who are contaminated.
Eww. (Insert name here) is friends with (insert name here). She totally has herpes by association.
by Aunt Heater February 01, 2007
The time frame between the bar closing and you finally going home and going to bed. In most cases, you can waffle it, or just go to someone else's house.

Dude, where's crappy hour tonight?

Anyone wanna go to my place for crappy hour?
by Aunt Heater February 02, 2007
When you've been out partying all night and you stop by the Waffle House for crappy hour.
girl #1: What do ya'll wanna do now?
girl #2: I don't know...
girl #3: Hey! Let's waffle it!
all together: Yeah!
by Aunt Heater February 02, 2007
1. Someone from the back roads of the old south. Most likely lacks in the education department and has very little teeth. A redneck.


2. May describe a way of life. The redneck way of life.
Beatrice- Did you see Hank today?
Margot- Yes. He's a tad too red to be working here.
by Aunt Heater February 02, 2007

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