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The colloquial term for the south east neighborhood of Milwaukee called Bay View. It gets its name from the vast number of homosexuals (especially lesbians seeing as Milwaukee has one of the highest lesbian populations in the country) that live there. Definately true. Bay View even sports its own "feminist" bookstore as well as being conveniately located near the "Summerfest grounds" where the annual summer Pride Fest is held.
I was down in Gay View the other day and I counted 7 lesbian couples and 3 gay guys.
by Aunt Gina October 17, 2005
1.) Rosie O'Donnell's home. Each Home Depot comes with its own Rosie clone.
2.) The most lesbionic thing in the world.
1.) Rosie O'Donnell lives at Home Depot.

2.) Chastity Bono is so lesbionic, she's Home Depot.
by Aunt Gina October 25, 2005
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