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3 definitions by Aunt Angela

A reply to a comment or story thats hard to believe or funny.
He and his wife were checking into rooms at the same time with different people!

Reply: STOP!

I broke my arm when I fell out of bed last night!
Reply: STOP!
by Aunt Angela August 18, 2006
74 29
A Male with 2 or more children by 2 or more females a he's not married and doesn't take care of any of his bastards.
Girl don't call him, he's nothing but a "Bastard Maker".
by Aunt Angela August 18, 2006
8 2
When one agrees with another.
"He does that same tired dance!"
reply: "hello"

"Boyfriend is fine!"
reply: "Hello!"
by Aunt Angela August 17, 2006
3 8