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Usually said to someone who's being a dickhead.
jerk:dude i sucked your moms dick
cool guy:Dude quit being such a johnny dickhead.
by August Big Penis July 03, 2009
Usually said in a low whisper wile on the phone to annoy one's friends, often said repeatdly.and causes one's friend to hang up after annoyance.sometimes used for pranks.
August-poop in my butt
Cody- omfg im gonna hang up
August-poop in my butt
Cody-that's it im telling jesus.
(hangs up)
by August Big Penis June 30, 2009
Go To Bed
Person 1- I'm so fucking tired.
Person 2- GTB.
Person 1- Alright.
by August Big Penis July 20, 2010
A Dance done when either some cool happens,good music comes on,or just for the hell of it. In order to do the CND you must raises your hands in the air and make ur hands and head limp and wave your hands in a circularmotion.
Cool guy-Dude guess what.
Cooler guy-What?
*Cool guy does a triple backflip*
Cooler guy- WOAH!!!!!!!!!! *does CND*
by August Big Penis July 05, 2009
Abbreviation for "God's Not Real"
Person 1- Did you hear cheater's is fake?
Person 2- gnr.
by August Big Penis June 29, 2010

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