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3 definitions by Augh Man 1

Any Ginger, over the age of 18, but under the height of 5'5".
Bill- Did you see that Leprechaun at the mall today?

Ted- Why yes, he was quite an angry little fellow.
by Augh Man 1 April 08, 2009
1) One who kills members of their team in online multiplayer matches, causing much frustration to their victims. 2) The assholes of the gaming universe. 3) An individual playing online videogames, who joins the opposing team and intentionally gets themselves killed in order to help their friends on the other team win.
Billbot70: What? Why did he just frag me!?!

FreyedChicken67: You didn't know? He prides himself in being a Team Killer...
by Augh Man 1 June 06, 2010
An adolescent Ginger, age ranging from birth to 18.
A gingerling can most likely be found in most elementary schools or highschools
by Augh Man 1 April 09, 2009