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Meant to imply sheer and bold seriousness when talking about something in particular.
Some random dude: African girls are hot.
Me: NIGGA PLEASE! Brazilian girls FTFW!.
by Auge December 18, 2005
PoFuzz is a synonym. It was created by me, Po, short for police, and fuzz, being another term for police officers and other law enforcements, It's the most coolest word to say.
"Look! The PoFuzz is comin'"
by Auge March 18, 2005
The most Godly joke on the planet. You will laugh your ass off just thinking about it, it's awesomeness will seep through every pore on your body. And you will sex with it.
Billy: What do you call an Elephant and a Rhino?
Bobby: What?
Billy: An Elephino!!
Bobby: That was stupid.

*punches Billy*
by Auge April 13, 2005

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