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Emariah is a shy goddess of love and moonshine. Born from the goddes Luna of the moon, her skin is pale and shines. She generally has the feeling of being shy. Meeting someone named Emariah is rare, see Ihya Emariah is an all around amazing person. Be glad you met her.
I think I met a true Emariah, she's perfect all around.

This girl... she's my Emariah.

I finally met her! I met my Emariah!
by Auf Weidersehen November 22, 2011
Ihya can mean hatred, but the real definition is a girl who feels alone. Ihya is a feminine name. Meeting someone named/nicknamed Ihya is rare and lucky. A person named Ihya will change you. (Love, luminosity, shyness, moonshine)
And I married my Ihya, the woman of my dreams.
I'm so glad I met her, a genuine Ihya.
I wish my name was ihya, maybe people will accept me.
by Auf Weidersehen November 22, 2011

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