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This word can be used when:
1. You want to give someone a hug via electronic means.

2. You don't like to give physical hugs (ie. you don't like touching other people) and prefer to type it out in an email or in a chat room.

3. It can be a token of appreciation over the internet. Instead of saying just "thank you", typing "cyber hug" will be like the icing on the cake.

4. It is almost like XOXO but with less intensity.
Britney typed: Honey, I was looking at this veggie-chopper on an infomercial the other day. It looks lovely!

Anthony typed: Hey baby, I will get you one next time I visit you.

Britney typed: THANKS! Cyber hugs!
by auds July 17, 2006
A family who is not related to you by blood but pretend to be your family and really cares about you.
'Why does my brother only hangs out with his friend's family not mine?' said Joe.
'Because he has got his own pseudo family, dude!' said Garry.
by auds July 16, 2006
dumped. kicked to the curb.
I caught him kissing my best friend so I blew him out.
by Auds October 22, 2013

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