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the opposite of sex appeal. when you are attracted to someone because of the bulge in their baseball cap rather than the bulge in their pants.
Damn, son. After Miss Kennedy the librarian schooled me on Pythagoras and math theory, I wanted to make out with her so badly. Now that's nerd appeal!
by Audrey Le October 15, 2004
Your mouth when it starts babbling, jabbering, prattling, yammering or gibbering incessantly.

babbleboxing (verb)- when you talk too much and you can't shut up.

Antonym: mutebox
I had asked her politely to shut her babblebox but she just kept on babbleboxing until the break a dawn.
by Audrey Le February 27, 2004
When you are on the prowl but you don't want to say you are on the prowl.
The fox snuck up behind me - I wasn't even fox hunting.
by Audrey Le October 06, 2004

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