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Sometimes, you meet someone, and it's love at first sight. Well other times, you meet people that look like dang fools and you just feel like laughing ! Given the situation, either you will allow yourself to laugh or not but you know in your heart it was Laugh At First Sight
- So I met this guy the other day... you should've seen him
- Ooh looks like love is in the air! It was love at first sight?
- Gurrl... It was more like Laugh At First Sight! I kept smiling all the time so he thinks I like him now but I was only trying not to laugh at him
- uh oh
- I know right... But you shoulda seen him for real xD
by Audrey J without Lo February 01, 2011
Educated and cute.
I like her cause she's more than cute. She's educute.
by Audrey J without Lo February 01, 2011
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