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A chest that is so hairy, you can't tell whether someone is topless or wearing a sweater.
I told Lance to take off his top so we could go swimming, but he said he already did. Damn that sweater chest really fooled me.
by Audrey El July 28, 2005
The face some cornball rocker makes during a self-indulgent guitar solo. Similiar to the face guys make when soloing on themselves. (also see "bass neck")
Went to see G.E. Smith perform a 3 hour set at the Country Fair this weekend. It was non-stop solo face action.
by Audrey El June 23, 2006
a way to say you had intercourse for dainty people who don't like to say "fuck" or "fucking" often
Sorry I am late. I traded mixtapes this morning and it was extended play.
by Audrey El November 22, 2005
when a bass player clucks his head back and forth to the rhythm like a chicken does.
Dude when I was at Lollapalooza, Flea got SO FUNKY with it. his bass neck was totaly contagious!!
by Audrey El June 23, 2006
That weird stuff that Ian Holm's character in 'Alien' was made out of instead of human guts when Signourney Weaver & Co found out he was really an android. His innards consisted of white fluid mixed in with these clear bulbs that appeared to be some kind of robot kelp.
Son, you lack the robot kelp to step to me.
by Audrey El September 20, 2005

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