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2 definitions by AudreeBee

When you see a asian Person trying to act like a black person. I Will tell you that it is rare to see a asian person acting like a black person.
1) Haha Look at those Chiggers over there.

2) Dude That Dude is asian haha he's such a Chigger.

3) What Up My CHiggers

4) Peace out my Chiggers
by AudreeBee February 25, 2009
This Means: When Someone asks you do you want to come and hang out with Amanda you say Freshure another word for freshure would be sure. But Freshure is a better way of saying this.
1) Freshure I'll come with you guys sounds Fly.

2) Freshure dude I wanted to do that for quiet a while (:

3) Idk know if i could come but yeah freshure ill ask if i could drop bye and Kick it with yall.
by AudreeBee February 25, 2009