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4 definitions by Audifred

An affectionate term to define someone who has done, or said, something that is silly or stupid (excluding acts that are criminal in nature).

The term is not offensive, but rather stated between persons on good terms with eachother.
Peter, the goober monkey, ripped out a fart that loosened the brick work.

You're a fucking goober monkey, bro.
by Audifred August 13, 2008
11 3
"Suck My Cock" in Portugese.

A really cool way to start chatting up a girl if she does not speak Portugese.

If she DOES speak Portugese, then statistically 1 in 6 who say it will get the desired result...the other 5 will get a mack in the mouth.

Chupa mel pico, baybay!
by Audifred August 13, 2008
7 3
Something done that is mean, cruel spirited, nasty, immoral, or basically against what a decent person would do.

Also what you call someone who does the above.
Jack stole $20 from Penny. It was all the money she had to last the week. What a low act.

Jack is a low act. He just spat on that new chick in his class.
by Audifred August 13, 2008
5 2
A homosexual.

George Michael is a poo jamber.
by Audifred August 14, 2008
3 4