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An item which is appealing to a black male. Nigga bait is most commonly used as a term when referring to a trashy white girl between the ages of 13 and 32. Nigga bait may also be used in reference to fried chicken, grape juice or malt liquor.
"Is there seafood around here? No, must be nigga bait."
by Audacious P August 21, 2008
A generic term for all designer club drugs which are flattering and highly potent. KKD is generally alluring or desirable to the general public. In reference to ecstasy, Purple Sexy Ladies would be a prime example of a KKD.
"Hey man, get me some water, this kid is overdosing on KKD."
by Audacious P August 21, 2008
A fetish where an individual engages in sexual intercouse with pastries, such as cakes, cupcakes, upside down cakes, and lemon cakes. People who practice pastriality typically refer to these pastries as fuckcakes.
"Osifer, get yur hands off o' me, pastriality ain't no crime. Nuthin' wrong with givin' a cake a good fuck."
by Audacious P August 21, 2008
1. A pastry which people fuck: related to the fetish of pastriality. "Not like bestiality...more like...pastriality." - Krista
2. A complete douche bag
"I like fuckcake, that's right, I fuck cakes. Got a problem with that?"
by Audacious P August 21, 2008

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